Wisbech's husband, who attacked ex-partner and threatened her with a knife, is detained

A man who has attacked and threatened his ex-partner with a knife has been imprisoned for three years. Www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…39&Itemid=32 West Street, Wisbech, was convicted after serving on Thursday (18 January) at the Cambridge Crown Court found guilty of having pleaded in a public place to have taken possession of a knife in a public place. Woman, who is in her 30s, in a public place on August 9 last year, so that they could speak.

While they were talking, Bainbridge drew a locksmith and threatened to stab her if she did not return to his home. She broke out, however, but Bainbridge sent her malicious text messages.

The woman then called the police and Bainbridge was arrested.

PC Gary Nightingale said, "Bainbridge grabbed his victim in a very open public space and pulled a knife, scared her that she would get hurt." This was a bold insult and incredibly shattering for the woman.

"To this After her escape, she received a lot of vicious SMS until his arrest. "

Bainbridge was sentenced to three months for battery, three months for malignant communications and three years for possession of a knife.

The Sentences are served simultaneously.

He also received an indefinite injunction that prevented him from contacting the victim.

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