We must strive to do much better

Recently, I visited the tenants of St. Michael's Gate. Since hearing about the case, I have been very worried that they will get a positive result. I can not say that I was reassured by what I saw.

Particularly striking was the plight of a tenant: I met a woman who is a mother to three children. A child is autistic: As a responsible mother and to support her child in the best possible way, she has got a "sense hand". Similar to how a guide dog helps a blind person, a sense dog helps those who struggle with their feelings. However, this family was told that dogs are not allowed: Only one blind person registered can keep one. The dog was resettled; The child did not cope well with the departure of his beloved pet, they manifested stress symptoms that were not present while the dog was in situ. The case is not very good. The property has storage heaters: these can burn their hands when touched, and the autistic child could do very well without noticing because he feels no pain and there is no fire protection. I visited the property with City Councilor Matthew Mahabadi. The tenant is forced to turn off the heating at night and hopes that the residual heat will last until morning. The son of the same tenant suffers from asthma. The poorly ventilated housing aggravates this condition. The company, which manages St Michaels Gate, Stef and Philips, based in London, has tried to push as many people into the room as possible: in the living room, a partition was installed to create an additional bedroom. This ensures that the conditions become even closer. For the privilege of living there, the cost is £ 245 per week. That's beyond most pay packages: the taxpayer picks up the rest. The councilor told the tenant four days before Christmas that she had 24 hours to accept this property or to be lodged in a Travelodge; They also advised, if reburied, they will be notified only 24 hours in advance. Your autistic child does not get along well with change; The Council is aware of the condition of its child. Nevertheless, they do not work in a way that interests them. The choice of cramped accommodation or a Travelodge looks particularly ridiculous, considering that the Barnet Council has seen how valuable Peterborough can be and has decided to invest in housing its homeless and vulnerable people. In short, we have created a system where people are inhumane, which is expensive, and ultimately, as taxpayers, we take the bill. We not only pay the rent, but also the cost of handling the conditions that make these apartments worse. The current system reduces life chances so that problems are passed on to the next generation. We can do better.

We should.

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