VIDEO: Plea for the vigilance of motorists after ambulance drivers who were involved in 90 accidents that were not their fault

EMAS urges motorists to watch for blue light after ambulance crews engage in 90 traffic collisions in eight months that were not their fault.

90 Liability Insurance Claims Made Between April and November

The ambulance service now asks drivers to look for flashing blue lights and listen for sirens, especially at intersections, and do not panic when they see them.

Steve Farnsworth, General Manager of Fleet, said, "Our vehicles travel millions of miles each year, much more time than normal, so some incidents are inevitable when driving."

"However, we motorists are asking the roads with ours Ambulance Crews Be alert when you look at intersections and in their mirrors for flashing blue lights.

"Each time one of our ambulances becomes damaged or involved in a collision, it can not be used to respond to patients in an emergency, and double checking for blue light can help reduce the number of collisions.

  ambulance crew in action

ambulance crew members in action

What to do when you see blue lights flash coming through:

• Stop suddenly stop braking, stay calm and give yourself time to your next Train Planning

• Finding a Place to Get Started and Stop if It's Safe

• If there's no safe place to drive, drive at normal speed – the driver of the ambulance looking for a safe place to overtake you.

• Be aware that there may be more than one emergency vehicle coming through, so listen for sirens and see if there are more blue flashing lights.

• Do not attempt to turn off the emergency vehicle

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