Vendée Globe 2020: Charal embarked with Jérémie Beyou – Vendée Globe

thanks to its new owner, finisterian marin will launch the construction of a monohull for the next round of the world.

three months after completing his first Vendee Globe (its two initial attempts resulted in the abandonment), Jérémie Beyou unveiled on Wednesday in Paris his new project of offshore racing. Goodbye master Rooster after a five-year partnership entered into on a beautiful 3 e place in the Vendée. Hello Charal and his beast with horns. 25 years after having supported the attempt of trophy Jules Verne of Olivier de Kersauson (abandonment for damage), the specialist in fresh and frozen meat products returns to sailing by becoming a shipowner. On the menu of the debtor of steaks under the Bigard group: significant financial support over five years (2022) to Jérémie Beyou (not release budget) and a new monohull launched in June 2018.

I’m not afraid to talk about ambitions”

Jérémie Beyou

I lucky, smiling the moment to unveil his future toy Wednesday morning on a Parisian barge Jérémie Beyou.» It is the project which we all dreamed in the team. I’m not afraid to talk about ambitions. We will try to water the best boat on both technological and sports . To play win in 2020. Designed by Beyou Racing Team and designed by VPLP, the future naval architecture office 60 feet black and Red will be built in the shipyard CDK Technologies in Vannes. Laid as still experimental accessories on the previous generation, the foils will take this time a central part. The three boats of the podium of the last Vendée Globe were equipped in. “ this boat will be the first designed around the foils that have become a centerpiece.” They will influence the shape of the hulls, the weight of the boat, the sail plan. Our credo is to combine power and lightness, two conflicting characteristics. To increase this power, we will build on the foils, not on the hull “, summarizes the architect Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, who won’t work, this time with his brother Guillaume Verdier. Among the innovations expected, the ability to dynamically adjust the impact of the foils. An innovation submitted to the vote of the Imoca class.

competition copy us, if we find the right solutions

Jérémie Beyou

with a beautiful five-year program (road of the rum 2018-2022, Transat Jacques Vabre 2019-2021, Vendée Globe 2020), Beyou and his team, the same as for master Rooster have ants in the legs. “ the goal is to start soon, go ahead and stay there.” Work very well began ‘, explains the Finisterien which the boat will be the first Imoca of new generation put water in a year. A leader who does not fear the triple winner of the Figaro single-handed. “ competition copy us, if we find the right solutions .” On our side, it approved a budget to develop the boat. If we make changes later, we can “.

I prefer to describe what I saw with my gut ‘

Jérémie Beyou

why to tackle a new Vendée Globe, the race that gave him so much suffering as the observers were able to see in his video of edge? “ I heard immediately after arrival I was going to leave.” In the end, we forget the bad times to not hold that good. It was hard for everyone, especially in the attack on the Indian ocean. I said… Morgan Lagravière (saffron) said it too. He has been somewhat criticized for it, I regret it. It was my little message. Me, I prefer to describe what I saw with my gut, rather than say nothing says Beyou. I kinda found out what was the Vendée Globe. I n “never had the opportunity to make a long run. I never imagined that it could generate as much fatigue and ask as much energy. It should be on its own, do not be impatient. I’m a little nervous. It is a quality on the Figaro, but not on a slightly longer test . To improve the comfort on board and morale, the focus will be on the protection of the marine with “ a lot of work on the cockpit and the post of Eve

Pending the delivery of his new monohull, the sailor of 40 years will attempt to become in June the first quadruple winner of the Figaro single-handed. He will also participate in the fall to the Volvo Ocean Race, the round the world crew and by stages, on Dongfeng, the Chinese boat helmed by Charles Caudrelier.

Why Charal back

with this partnership we have several objectives “, says Mathieu Bigard, Director of the group owner of Charal in return in the veil after 25 years of absence (see above). “ on the one hand we wish to take the floor to speak positively about the meat, on the other hand, we want through this partnership to strengthen our links with our consumers.” Then, our participation in the Imoca Ocean Masters circuits and the Vendée Globe, is perfectly in line with the DNA of Charal, who is a successful and innovative brand. We find that spirit of innovation and performance within the IMOCA Class: at each edition of the Vendée Globe, new generations of more sophisticated vessels improve previous times. Finally, the veil is also team spirit, a notion that is very dear to us. “If this partnership over five years budget was not disclosed, it is worth several million euros. A new boat in line with the last Vendée Globe cost between 4 and 5 M€. « for us, it’s the equivalent of a big wave of pub TV for three weeks, puts in perspective the group marketing director, Guy Lepel Cointet.» we do not this partnership for the notoriety but to share values, a friendly image of the brand and mobilize internally. And in qualitative terms, the benefits of a Vendée Globe are huge. »

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