TWI extends capability for testing adhesives and composites in aggressive chemicals

To this finish, a member firm approached TWI with a request to guage the results of concentrated hydrofluric acid on quite a few supplies used in difficult restore conditions. TWI has performed checks with dilute HF in the previous and had a longtime small-scale space for dealing with this materials. However, as soon as the take a look at plan was agreed, it was clear that an alternate facility was required.

TWI, subsequently, now has a devoted laboratory facility devoted to the dealing with and testing of specimens utilizing HF. The facility has all of the required security tools for dealing with HF and is run by specially-trained TWI employees.  

The take a look at marketing campaign in query accomplished a 1000 hours immersion take a look at for a number of samples, with the samples being monitored throughout the take a look at. Test specimens had been eliminated periodically, inerted and then evaluated on behalf of the member firm.

As the marketing campaign ends, the ability stays obtainable for Members requiring comparable immersion testing with HF or different chemicals that sometimes require particular precautions when dealing with. If you wish to focus on using the ability for testing of adhesives or different supplies, please contact us.

Image: HF Immersion Testing

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