The Wards are reopening at Peterborough City Hospital, but the visit remains limited due to the norovirus

The four boroughs that closed for Norovirus at Peterborough City Hospital are now reopened, although patient visits remain limited.

It was announced on December 29 that three stations will be closed to prevent the spread of winter vomiting – Stephen Graves, executive director of the North West Anglia NHS Trust Trust, who directs the hospital, said, "Patient safety is our top priority and last week we had to shut down some stations due to Norovirus.

"All affected wards are now open, but noroviruses remain active in the local community, and we continue to restrict visiting hours to prevent the spread of further infections and to protect our patients and employees.

"The visit is limited to one visitor per patient between 6pm and 7pm only (except under mitigating circumstances)."

The hospital was also forced to cancel some non-urgent elective surgeries to clear beds.

This week, 18 operations have been canceled so far.

The hospital performs about 135 surgeries a day, a spokeswoman said.

Mr Graves added: "Unfortunately, the current pressure in our hospitals has increased, leading to the need to delete some non-urgent voting operations in line with NHS England's national recommendations.

" Since Monday, the 1st. January, we have canceled some non-urgent elective surgery to ensure that we have the beds available for emergency care and are currently working with our patients to rebook these operations as soon as possible.

"All sufferers have been contacted and all other operations and appointments are being carried out as planned."

He continued, "We appreciate the support we have received and would like to thank the public for their patience. What an incredibly busy time."

"Please continue to support us by shunning the hospital, though You have symptoms of diarrhea and / or vomiting in the last 48 hours and are using the most appropriate treatment.

"Look at pharmacies, the NHS 111 telephone service, the small local casualties, and use emergency rooms only in an emergency."


Visit is restricted at Peterborough City Hospital as the fourth station is closed due to Norovirus

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