The real season begins for Parker and the Spurs – NBA

the french leader of San Antonio begins the playoffs with the same ambition than usual: the title. 

I’m excited. ” The playoffs, it’s the best time of the year. If you are not motivated to do this, you shouldn’t be playing basketball or any other sport .” The citation of a little boy who discovers the final phases of the NBA, a rookie? No, not really… It’s Tony Parker who enthuses, in remarks reported by the San Antonio Express News the idea of fighting the NBA play-offs. As every year since his arrival in San Antonio, in the 2001 Draft. “TP” planted on a cake adorned 35 candles in may, 17, but that’s like a kid at this time of year. There are enough. If there is a team that can challenge the supremacy of the Warriors in the West, it is San Antonio. And these are not four losses in five games that Tony Parker and company come to experience that will make them doubt. “ are always complicated matches to play Judge Parker, point press, about the end of the regular season chugging along .” I’m just glad that everyone is in good health. It is the most important. Of course, everybody is focused and our goal is to win the title. So there is not matter to these three final four matches . We must remain focused on the goal. “

the golden age of the playmakers in the NBA

and to get there, the men of Gregg Popovich will need a large Kawhi Leonard (he has been exceptional all season), a very good LaMarcus Aldridge, a bench in tune, defence (2 e NBA regular season, 98.1 cashed pts / game) and a Tony Parker

effective. Especially at a time where the playmakers are the law within the Association, with James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard and another Stephen Curry in the West, not to mention Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, Kemba Walker or even Kyle Lowry across Mississippi alone. And Mike Conley. The always sous-coté ‘point-guard”of a team of Memphis that the Spurs will again meet in the first round of the playoffs.

As in 2011 (defeated in the 1 er Tower), 2013 (victory in Conference finals) and 2016 (victory in the 1 er Tower). Not to mention four confrontations every year in the regular season. “ it’s still a very good team defensive, very physical, very disciplined.” And offensively, they have made progress. It is a major challenge. A very good team ,”judge coach”Pop “. “ it is a physical team notes Parker.” We used to play against them, we often met in the playoffs the past five years. We know how they like to play. We need to avoid loss of ball, play physical also and have the same level of intensity than them. Even when they play more or less the same game as before. Maybe a little faster. But they want to control the tempo, play half-court, defend… “We know .”

Parker and the Spurs will have to “be careful” to Conley

and Parker knows so well his counterpart, Mike Conley. Which signed last summer for 140 million dollars over five years. A player who is playing the best basketball of his career, with 20.5 points, 40.7% to three points, 6.3 assists and 1.3 interception per game, no less. “ Conley? I have to stay in front of him stresses our national “TP”. It is in his best year, he plays very aggressive, very good basketball. We have to pay attention to him. “and Marc Gasol, who meets his brother, Pau.

Is that “TonyP” will have to raise his game in the playoffs. The Spurs will need him. At the top. Good news: he stayed away from the infirmary in recent weeks. It has not always been the case this season… Only 63 matches to the counter for the number 9 in San Antonio. With the lowest averages since its first year in the NBA, in 2001-02: 10.1 points, 46.6 percent shooting and only 9 attempted shots, 4.5 assists in 25.2 minutes per game. Like Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili before him, the French saw offensive prerogatives decline over time, to the benefit of Leonard, Aldridge or Gasol. “ Tony gives us stability, resting on him “, said Popovich. “ my role is even more important in terms of leadership, be sure the”Spurs mentality”and how we play – altruistic, sharing the ball, interested only in win – remains the same.” “That’s what it was best with”Timmy”(Duncan) when I arrived, he was showing us the example “, remembered Parker.     

“Patty Mills, better than a substitute


the importance of this role of relay between the staff and the group is only strengthened by the number of new players. Seven to be precise. “ is very different, with many new faces .” LaMarcus is in its second year of note the Frenchy. But in the end, Pop did a good job, he’s got much play in the regular season, in the big matches. “He gave them some minutes so that we can rely on them in the playoffs .” But the Spurs will need an aggressive Tony Parker to find the NBA Finals and try to lift the trophy, Larry O’Brien for the sixth time in their history. Although the Aussie Patty Mills can bring that spark to the scoring off the bench (9.5 pts/game in 21.9 minutes.). A Tony Parker who will be never mixed in the fight for the title of MVP, as was the case in 2013 (6 e in the end), but who can still be an asset to this ambitious team of San Antonio. This first round against the Grizzlies of Mike Conley will be a good first test. Beginning of hostilities that night at the & AT T Center, at 2 in the morning.

TP before Larry Bird?

Tony Parker is already part of the Top 10 of the best Blackman and smugglers in the playoffs. It is 10 points (3885) and 5 e passes decisive (1112). Only one other player has done as well so far, LeBron James (4 e points, 5572, and 3 e passes, 1348). “TP” will quickly climb a level regarding the scoring since 9 e leading scorer of the playoffs, a certain Larry Bird, is only 12 points before the playmaker tricolor (3897). 8 e Jerry West is more far away (4457).  

The weekend program (French hours in parentheses)
Cleveland-Indiana (21 h)
Toronto-Milwaukee (11.30)
San Antonio-Memphis (2 h)
L.A. Clippers-Utah (4 h 30)

Washington-Atlanta (19 h)
Golden State-Portland (21 h 30)
Boston-Chicago (00:30)
Houston-Oklahoma City (3 h)

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