The Peterborough charity is urging residents to support the program to reduce plastic waste

Peterborough residents are urged to reduce plastic waste in the city.

The charity PECT asks to receive a cash bail from the Tesco Aid Initiative's aid bag to help reduce and promote the use of disposable plastic bottles. Healthy lifestyle by improving access to free drinking water in Peterborough

Plastic bottles carry to the millions of tons of plastic that land in the sea every year, damaging the seafood world and spreading toxic chemicals. In the UK alone, around 15 million bottles are consumed and disposed of each day.

PECT wants to bring a new bottle reuse system to the city by offering free drinking water refills in cafes, shops, shops and transportation hubs.

A free app will be available for download showing all participating sites This will be used to monitor the impact and success of the project.

Peter Ferguson Councilor Richard Ferris said, "By helping people replenish and reuse their beverage bottles, we can promote more environmentally friendly behavior and reduce the amount of plastic waste, promote healthier lifestyles (19659003)" This is an exciting opportunity for a partnership approach to tackle one of the biggest environmental challenges we face. "

Tesco's Bags of Help Community Financing System sees grants of up to £ 4,000 from Tesco store tote bag sales and local community projects The program has already delivered over £ 40 million to 9,700 projects across the UK.

Shoppers can shop in Tesco stores between January and February to choose who they should take the top grant from Vote with a token given to them by Che ck-out in the shop with every purchase is given.

For more information about PECT, call 01733 568408 or visit To learn more about the Tesco Pocket Utility, take a look at

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