The mighty Peterborough car thief who "committed 200 offenses" admits crimes to save taxpayers' money

A prolific car stealer from Peterborough, who is believed to have committed 200 offenses, said he would admit all his crimes to save taxpayers' money.

Serial offender Paul Priestley, who admits two vehicle thefts this afternoon (February 9), went through the city with policemen, around them to help determine the exact number of thefts.

Priestley told Peterborough today that "if he did not cooperate with the police, he would pay only the price." Taxpayers "by Delaying the Trial.

The court had previously heard from prosecutor Bob Rowlingson that an official with whom he had spoken considered" in the region of 200 offenses "(TICs) when the hearing takes place on February 23.

Priestley also pleaded guilty today for an attempted stealing from a motor vehicle, vehicle mixing, noncompliance with the requirements of imprisonment following deprivation of liberty, and the violation of a Criminal Behavior Order (CBO)

The 39-year-old from Bringhurst, Orton Goldhay, was previously described as a one-man crime wave.

During a hearing last year, he said he would be "back in court in six months," for failing to pay his victims compensation, after he was imprisoned for a series of car thefts.

The court heard today the Priestly stole £ 5 in small change from a Volkswagen, parked on a driveway on September 20, 2017, and was identified after being captured on CCTV.

The vehicle interference fee related to the 17th of October last year. The victim had parked his BMW and Fiat Ducato Transporter safely in his driveway at the front of his property.

Alerts went off at 3:15 pm and CCTV showed Priestley running away.

On October 28, Mr. Rowlingson said: In the early morning hours, a person entered the van and conducted a search before leaving empty-handed.

"This person dropped a wallet he carried with him, CCTV caught the incident and Mr. Priestley was identified as the responsible person in charge."

And on January 13 of this year, Priestley stole out at 4 o'clock in the morning a vehicle gilets and memorabilia worth £ 230.

The breach of aftercare ruling for lack of appointments after release from prison following a conviction for motor vehicles

Deputy District Judge Davies adjourned the case until February 23 to the Give police time to put together a list of all the TICs.

She said she could not promise whether a conviction will take place on that day, and whether Priestley will be convicted in the Magistrates' Court or in a Crown Court

. He will be remanded until then.


"One-man crime wave" imprisoned for Peterborough's thefts – four months after a judge's order he would return

proliferous homeless Thief tells Peterborough court he'll be back in the dock in six months, as he can not pay his victims any compensation

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