The France is required at the end of the suspense and stay alive

in a crucial game for the rest of the competition, the team of France has emerged at the end of the session of shots on goal against Belarus (4-3) and can thank a Stephane Da Costa to the formidable composure.

since the beginning of the World Championships, this match against the Belarus had been targeted as the hinge for the Blues encounter. A defeat and the French could be afraid to fight to the end for the maintenance. A victory and the threat of relegation was erased, leaving the french with their dream to reach the quarter final intact. After a perfect start, the French will will be well complicated the task by letting fly a two-goal lead. In a sweltering end of match, the French will be still managed to push the Belarus to the shots on goal. The goalie, Cristobal Huet, and a Stephane Da Costa double scorer, have allowed the French to ensure victory (4-3), maintaining (7 points after 5 meetings) and continue to believe in a quarter final at home.

The French all in control

far from intensity and quality of game sighted with the matches of the France team during the first 4 games of the world, the first 10 minutes of this match proved laborious for both teams. If each of the two teams got a great opportunity with a a cons lack by Jodran Perret and a strike deflected from the tip of the pad to Cristobal Huet, the French dominated anyway this first part of the match with a presence much steeper in the camp of the Belarusians. It’s so logically in the twelfth minute of the encounter, Teddy Da Costa was able to retrieve a puck to launch a 2 against 1, shifted Sacha Treille, who scored his first goal in this World Cup and allowed the team to France to take advantage. If this french goal woke up a little the two teams who produced a game more interesting, the third first time was to remain relatively poor on occasions. Still, the blue Defender Antonin Manavian could give his team two goals ahead. Launched in a number of soloist, he could not to slide the puck inside the nets for a few centimetres. The French regained any of even the locker room in mind and masters of their subject in this first part of the game.

The Belarus reverses the meeting

in Canada the previous day, the French were very quickly do grow their resumption of second third time. Enjoying a numerical superiority gained in the end 1 er third, the Blues were a second goal through the trigger, Damien Fleury, who was Kevin Lalande skylight after only a minute of the game. Somewhat stunned, Belarusians suffered this recovery, and ran out of cash in a third goal on occasions Claireaux (3′) and Douay (5′). But it was during this period of suffering that the opponents of the French team went back into the game. First on a shot of the Belarusians, who was bouncing off the chest of Huet, Pavlovich, loitering in front of the French cages, reduced the mark to the 7 e minute. If the French continued nevertheless to push to regain an advantage of two goals, they seized on the goalkeeper, Kevin Lalande, who was in a counter facing vine and pushed several dangerous actions of the French.
Unable to convert their opportunities, Dave Henderson’s men began to see the opponent in the evening return to colors. These were initially very dangerous 6 minutes from the break, but were unable to deceive Cristobal Huet. It is ultimately the attacker Yegor Sharangovich who received the good run of his team by pushing the puck between the pads of the french guard and allowed its selection to return to the height of the French two minutes from the end of the third time. A blow for the Blues, who ended painfully this period and saw Nicolas Besch scooping a penalty of 2 minutes, thus leaving his teammates shorthanded for the resumption of the third third of the time.

Blue tear extensions

If blue resisted this inferiority in a first time, Antonin Manavian was also sent to prison for 2 minutes. Belarusians were this time not miss the opportunity to take the lead for the first time of the match and Alexander Kulakov offered the third goal to the Belarus after only 1 minute 20 in the third round. The opportunity to not let this precious game for the rest of the competition would show up a few minutes later. Penalized for 4 minutes after a high stick on Kevin Hecquefeuille, the Belarus would resist the offensive blue. During these 4 minutes of superiority, only Pierre – Edouard Bellemare and Antonin Manavian managed to hit the goal, but they were each time on their way Kevin Lalande. Unable to find the opening, the French saw a great opportunity to get back into the match to pass under the nose.
But in difficult times that great players are. While Lalande pushed away brilliantly the many French attempts, the latter ceded on a shot of one of the leaders of the team of France, Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, who saw his attempt to slip under the Mitt of the Belarusian doorman. The France finally succeeded to hang up the Belarusian car and offer extensions.

A victory at the end of a final smothering

during these 5 minutes of time additional, the Blues would greatly suffer, penalized 2 times and passing more than 3 minutes shorthanded. But the heart would eventually prevail over fatigue. Always at 3-3 at the end of the extension, the French could challenge their opponent to the shots on goal. And, in this exercise already succeeded against Switzerland three days earlier, the French would recur through Cristobal Huet who stopped three shots Belarusians and Stephane Da Costa, impressive composure, which scorait on its two attempts. Victorious, the France can always dream about ¼. For this, he need to beat the Czech Republic Sunday and the Slovenia Monday.

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