Security campaigns pay off

Whether dry January, veganuar, do more exercise or spend more time with friends and family, it's great to be working at a destination. For me, this goal will be to further develop our prevention and enforcement service to improve the quality of life of those living and working in Peterborough.

Before looking at the year 2018, I just want to talk about the achievements we've had over the past month. Christmas is always a busy time for our service, and December was no exception. We ran some really successful campaigns during the Christmas season, including our taxi track. The program, which took place on Friday and Saturday evenings before Christmas, contributed significantly to improving safety at night in Peterborough.

The Safer Peterborough Partnership is determined to crack down on alcohol-related anti-social behavior and violence, and we know that the scheme helped ensure that people were safe in finding a taxi after enjoying their evening. We had a lot of excellent feedback on the program and we are looking for ways to continue the 2018 service.

Last month, there was also the first series of prosecutions on the Peterborough Magistrates & # 39; Court for those who were given a hard sentence notice that was not paid. We publish Fixed Penalty Notices for those who breach the conditions of the public space protection orders that apply in the city center and in Millfield. Perhaps in recent months you have seen some of our officers patrolling these areas. The orders prohibit littering, spitting, cycling on Bridge Street and other similar environmental violations, ensuring that these areas remain safe and free from waste and can be enjoyed by all.

We issued a lot of tickets last year and for me A success in 2018 would be that the number of tickets issued will decrease as people become aware that environmental crime is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in Peterborough.

In the first two weeks of 2018, the emphasis was placed on parking problems affecting the city, especially in some of our new housing estates. I know that this is a difficult topic, most new housing estates tend to have parking for one vehicle, but many households have more than one car, which means people tend to resort to street parking. This can cause problems for neighbors, but also cause problems for fire engines, ambulances, large vehicles such as garbage trucks and buses.

The local authority can only issue penalty notices (PCNs) to vehicles parked in violation of civil law. Violations affecting most parking violations, such as: Parking on a driveway or on yellow lines, however, does not cover every scenario. We are constantly looking for action to improve the situation but I urge all drivers to be cooperative in parking and to be considerate of others.

The team has also collaborated with communities in Paston to reduce asocial behavior occurring there. We have officers who specialize in reducing antisocial behavior and who have worked closely with our Youth In Localities team to understand what the problems are in this area and how they can be resolved.

Next month I will be back to inform you of our strategic priorities for 2018 and beyond, based on what you said in our public consultation. I will also bring you news about our upcoming protection month and how you can participate.

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