Renault RS Vision 2027, F1 becomes transparent

motor SPORT – has what could look like the formula 1 in ten years? At the Shanghai show, Renault delivers his vision of the car of tomorrow.

Renault, never the planets were so well aligned to reflect on the formula 1 of tomorrow and to project in 2027, i.e. when the french manufacturer will celebrate its 50 years of presence in the Queen of motor sport discipline. First of all, everyone shares the observation that F1 is a crisis manifesting itself by a decline of interest and loss of hearing, particularly in the European countries, historical Championship lands. Second, the new owner of the rights to F1, the American Liberty, wishes to restore its nobility at the show. And thirdly, F1 that sucks more than ever to remain the technology showcase of motor sport and industry, must take into account innovations in the sector such as electrification and driving. Sport, performance, safety and ecology are the four pillars that have guided the design concept car aimed at pilots who come just to integrate primary school. “

 the pilot will be a true Manager of energy.

the pilot will be a real energy Manager. photo credits:

replace the driver at the center of attention

initiated by Laurens van den Acker Director of the design of the Group Renault in the summer 2016, 2027 F1 project is the result of a combination of skills between the designers of the Technocentre and team Renault F1 led by Cyril Abiteboul. The two entities have drafted a notebook loads can answer a few basic questions, including divide the amount of gasoline by two, lower the weight of the car in proportions never seen in F1, replace the driver at the center of all attention, stay the showcase of motor sports, lower costs.

is not the first time that a builder or a stable cutting board on an F1 car of the future, Pininfarina had designed the Sigma concept in 1968, but Renault is the first to go as far in the process. In the film of anticipation that we concocted the diamond marking in discovering the book, these are proportions and architecture which remain specific to a discipline Queen. However, the RS 2027 Vision is more compact than the F1 cars of the current season. What attracts attention, is that the cockpit is transparent. Cyril Abiteboul wishes to rehabilitate the chivalrous dimension of pilots. “ our concern is to replace the work of the pilot at the center of attention “, he says. Therefore, the helmet is as transparent, so as to distinguish who is in command and enter expressions and emotions of the face. No risk of being seriously wounded in the head like Felipe Massa during the grand prix of Hungary 2009 tests. We remember that the Brazilian had been struck to the head by a spring that is lost by the Brawn of Barrichello fellow. The helmet had been crushed in shock. To ensure the safety of the driver, Renault joined on his project car a protective bubble as we find on the F1 of the sea.

V6 turbo and two electric motors of the same power and formula E

another innovation in step with his times, Vision 2027 RS stands at the forefront of technology in energy efficiency. The turbo V6 is associated with two electric motors with the power of each is similar to that of single-seater electric participating in the current Formula E Championship. With a power of 250 kW each, that is to say still 340 HP, engines take place on each axle. Vision 2027 RS is so single-seater four-wheel-drive. What is not a luxury when we know that the driver should handle a total output of 1 megawatt, is a bit more of 1 300 horses. In the 1960s, remembered that some manufacturers were tried in this type of architecture to improve the traction of their car especially in the rain. Ferguson had been the first to adopt it. His P99 won only one race (in the rain, of course) thanks to the talent of Stirling Moss. Other brands, like Lotus, McLaren or Matra, tried the experience at the end of the 1960s, but without success. Thanks to the use of new lightweight materials and 3D printing for the manufacture of some parts including the cockpit, the weight does not exceed 600 pounds. A record. The all-wheel drive, the Renault study adds the four steering wheels and active aerodynamics. The rear wing is mobile and he stands when the driver needs support, braking and cornering. “

 Renault thought to broadcast messages in the wheels to report, for example, in how many rounds the car will stop in the pits.

Renault thought to broadcast messages in the wheels to report, for example, in how many laps the car will stop in the pits.

reinvent the show of formula 1

through this concept, Renault brings the demonstration that an F1 car can be better without being more energy-efficient. Quite the opposite. Engineers have darn improved energy efficiency with a kinetic energy recovery system really powerful. Renault Announces recover 500 kW against 120 kW for a F1 of the current season. This gain allows to lower the tank to 60 kg of fuel compared with 105 kg for a F1 today. Similarly, the use of active suspension allows to recover energy. Cyril Abiteboul adds that ‘ we lose a lot of energy by aerodynamic friction .

anxious to put the show in the center of the issues and to seduce the younger generations, the Renault project borrows some specificities to the Formula E. Apart from the fact that the car can move 100% electric during the round of layout grid or under safety car system, the project imagined that viewers can assign a fan boost to single-seater. At his challenge to reinvent the show, Renault has also thought to broadcast messages in the wheels to report, for example, in how many laps the car will stop in the pits. Renault has even thought to change the schema of a grand prix weekend in order to reduce costs and improve the show. The main race would be reduced to 250 km against currently 300 km and split in two parts of unequal duration. On the evening of Friday, she would confront reserve pilots and rookies of the year. Finally, and this is probably the most important, this concept watch Renault wants to position its formula 1 commitment over the long term. What reassure many Motorsport enthusiasts community. “

 the amount of gasoline is divided by two and the weight of the car lowered in proportions never seen in F1.

the amount of gasoline is halved and the weight of the car lowered in proportions never seen in F1.

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