Public gallery remains closed for fear of security in Peterborough Town Hall as the city council is considering the glass barrier

The public gallery in the town hall is closed again because of the "worries about disruption and security" for today's plenary meeting.

The Peterborough City Council has closed the Gallery in the Council Chamber since last July, when a protest against Cll led Andy Coles to a meeting adjourned for a week.

When the meeting took place a week later, the council paid a private security firm to preserve the peace.

The council has now conducted a review to determine, a spokeswoman said, "what's needed to make it safe in the future".

One option is putting in a glass barrier

Since the gallery at the top of the room was closed, plenary sessions were broadcast live on the council's Facebook page and in a separate room in the town hall.


Public gallery, which should be closed as the council for the second protest in the Peterborough Town Hall

Peterborough City Council is willing to spend £ 1,500 on private security for protest meetings

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