Pope Francis said do not know Emmanuel Macron

after returning from Cairo, Francis commented international news reporters, including the French elections where it respects the freedom of”choice” while claiming to support Europe “in danger of dissolving. Asked about the two candidates, he said about Emmanuel Macron: ‘I don’t know who he is. ”

sent special in Cairo,

on the plane who brought him back Saturday night to Egypt Francis answered the questions of journalists, which dealt on presidential elections French and populism. The question asked was the following: ‘you talked, at the Al-Azhar University, ‘demagogic populism’. French Catholics in this period, are tempted by populist or extreme voting. They are divided and disoriented. “What could be the elements of discernment you might give these Catholic voters? Francis started with answer about the word populism: “you know this word,”populism”, I have to relearn it because South America, it has another meaning.» Then he went to Europe: “there is the problem of Europe. What I said about Europe I will not now repeat. I said in Strasbourg, when receiving the Charlemagne Prize and during commemorations of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. [À travers trois grands discours sur l’Europe du pape François, ndlr.]”

turning, without transition, French, François first said:”before this issue each country is free to make the choice that he believes suit him. I can’t judge if this choice is made on the grounds of Europe or for another. I do not know internal politics.” Returning a moment on Europe, he observed: “what is true, is that Europe is in danger of dissolving.” I said gently in Strasbourg, I repeated it more strongly during the reception of the Charlemagne Prize, and, more recently, without nuances. We must meditate on this. Europe, which goes from the Atlantic to the Urals… There is a problem that scares and, perhaps, fueling the problem of immigration. It’s true. But let’s not forget that Europe was made by migrants. Centuries and centuries of immigrants, that’s what we are! This is a problem that must be studied carefully. And respecting the opinions. But opinions considered in a political discussion with a capital letter. A large capital letter! A large political and not petty politics of the country that ends in a fall at the end.” “

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then the Pope took on the French presidential elections:” on the France, I tell you the truth: I don’t understand French domestic politics… “. I tried to have a good relationship with the former president Holland. “There was a conflict at one point, but could speak clearly, on the causes and respecting his views [Ndlr: le pape n’a pas précisé sa pensée: probablement, donc, l’adoption du mariage pour tous mais il y a eu aussi la polémique sur la nomination par le président de la République d’un ambassadeur près le Saint-Siège dont le nom n’a pas été, ensuite, agréé par le Saint-Siège].” And Francois of return on the two finalists in the race to the Elysee: “two political candidates, I don’t know the history. I know that one represents the strong right but the other, really I don’t know who he is. So I can’t give a clear opinion on the France.

Finally, about Catholics in politics, the Pope told this anecdote: “speaking of Catholic, a man told me” but why don’t you think politics in grand? “. A a party for Catholics? “. François response: «this gentleman is a good man but he lives in the last century…» And he added: “populism relate to immigrants but is not the subject of this trip, if I have time tonight, I will come back.”

‘For’ a solution in Korea of the North

during this highly anticipated rendezvous with the press during his trip returns, Francis also addressed other topics according to the questions. Which one of the American Presidency. The Pope is said to be open to the prospect of an appointment in Rome with the president Donald Trump : “I was not yet informed by the Secretariat of State that there is a demand. “I get all the heads of State who make a request.” Indeed, the meeting should probably be held at the Vatican in the last week of May.

an opportunity for Francis to call for a diplomatically negotiated solution to exit tension between the United States and the Korea of the North . “I call them and I’ll call them to work to find a solution by following the diplomatic path. There are so many mediators worldwide who offer. The Norway for example which is always ready to help. The path is that of negotiation, of the diplomatic solution. This war into pieces is in pieces but the songs multiplied and focused on issues that were already hot. The question of missiles in Korea, we talk about one year, but today it seems it is warmed themselves too. A broad war today would destroy much of humanity, but also the culture… That would be terrible. Humanity is not able to handle it today. Look at the countries who live the war in the Middle East, in Africa, in the Yemen… Stop! Seek a diplomatic solution. The United Nations have a duty to resume their leadership. They have drowned.” “

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questioned on religious relations with orthodoxy, who are ‘good’ the Pope took the opportunity to mention the Russia:”I saw that the Russian State was talking about the defense of the Christians of the Middle East, it’s a good thing. “There are more martyrs than in the early centuries.”

Finally, called by a German journalist, to clarify his thoughts on the term of “concentration camps” that he had used to describe the refugee camps in Europ e – which caused a scandal in Germany – Francis justified itself: “I’ve always admired the Germany integration capacity. When I studied in that country there was so many Turks. And Turks integrated! They were involved in a normal life. So, I have not committed a slip. “There are concentration camps, excuse me, of the refugee camps that are concentration camps.”

then the Pope to ask: “think for a moment: these people who are locked up and cannot get out.” (…) “They are locked inside! He then summed up his thoughts with this anecdote: “a story made me laugh. It’s a little Italian culture. This happens in a refugee camp in Sicily. The authorities of the city, where a camp, spoke with the people of this camp of concentra… refugee camp. They told them: “it is not good for you to stay inside for your mental health. You need to get out, but please, don’t make bad shots. We cannot open the door. But make a hole in the fence, behind! You get out, you do a nice walk!” It is as well as what are created for good relations with the inhabitants of this village. Refugees do not commit crime or crime. The mere fact of being locked, doing nothing, is a “lager” but has nothing to do with the Germany.”

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