PHOTO UPDATE: One person seriously injured and still in hospital after storm LAMMA show in Peterborough "devastated"

One person was seriously injured and remains in hospital when Storm ripped David through Peterborough and forced the cancellation of the LAMMA show's second day last week.

The organizers said they had no choice but to have the second day of the show last Thursday, January 18, for health and safety reasons, after the storms ripped through a number of the larger tent structures. "

Elisabeth Mork-Eidem, Group Leader of AgriBriefing, who owns the LAMMA show, said:" The decision to cancel was not taken lightly and the team is devastated as they work extremely hard all year round LAMMA to make the fantastic event.

"However, it was created on the basis of our health and safety team – our contractors and the operational team – when I arrived at 5am, the storm had already hit the ground and tore open some of the larger marquees At peak we registered gusts over 65 mph on the spot. When the wind abated and it was safe, we sent the contractors to assess the structural integrity of the various structures.

"After that, and when it started to turn light, we sent out our stewards to assess the internal damage, and based on the information we got back, we then made this call to suspend the second day of the show."

Ms. Mork-Eidem said: "Some of the smaller tents had structural damage, along with considerable internal damage to a number of halls and outside, including the collapsing shell system, twisted metal, broken glass, and half-collapsed stands. with the potential to continue moving

"We have timed and evaluated site security, but in reality this would have taken too long," she added. "Due to the nature of the site, it is not possible to open to the public as long as an area is uncertain and we had no choice. "

All access to the site The organizers would not have been able to provide the necessary social benefits for additional people, Ms. Mork-Eidem said.

"It would have been impossible to ensure that visitors stayed in their vehicles and off the site, as we said last Thursday, our main focus was on bringing people to safety."

"Unfortunately we had in the early hours of the storm a serious accident. The person is in the hospital and should fully recover, and we wish him and his family all the best. "

Ms. Mork-Eidem said she fully understood how it was tested for exhibitors, visitors, contractors and employees alike, being very grateful for the understanding shown and the help to get everyone safely off the construction site.

" We are also grateful for the many letters of support we have received since Thursday that have meant so much to the extended LAMMA steward team: contractors, traffic managers, safety and health officers; For whom was this a very demanding day.

The next event draws to Birmingham NEC, which, as well as staying free to visit (both in terms of driveway and parking) should be against the weather as on Thursday, said Mrs. Mork-Eidem.

"It was heartbreaking for everyone to shorten the show last week. We now focus on all our resources and work closely with the NEC team to ensure that we continue to deliver a great LAMMA in 2019. "

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