PHOTO UPDATE: One cuts after the crash in Peterborough house from the car

The Rescue services, including an ambulance, are at the site of a collision after a car hits a house.

Police were summoned to Silverwood Road this afternoon at 2:48 pm (Wednesday, February 14).

The collision took place between Lincoln Road and the Gladstone Primary Academy, a police spokeswoman said.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue spokesman: "At 2:09 pm on Wednesday (2:00 pm), a Dogsthorpe crew and crew from Stanground were called for a traffic collision on Silverwood Road in Millfield, Peterborough.

" Firefighters came to find a car had strayed from the street and collided with a house . The use of special cutters and the work with ambulance personnel resulted in the release of a male accident.

"The teams have returned to their stations at 16:05."

Details of injuries are currently unknown.

More here as we have it …

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