PHOTO SPECIAL: Hundreds of people in Peterborough Cathedral to the funeral of one of the city's most beloved personalities

A large gathering passed today after a fitting funeral in the city's cathedral on Thursday by one of Peterborough's most successful and successful personalities.

Roy Bird MBE was laid to rest today after being carried to the cathedral in a cathedral carriage drawn by two Shire horses in recognition of his time as secretary of the Shire Horse Society, which is the Queen's patron.

The 91-year-old Paston was also known as the Chief Executive of the East of England Agricultural Society and for overseeing the formation of the East of England Showground.

Members of the Agricultural Society formed an honor guard for Roy's coffin as it entered the cathedral, while in Roy's neighbor and close friend of 40, Roger Smith made a laudatory speech

The Agricultural Society organized the iconic East of England Show every year at its peak attracted 100,000 people, but with decreasing numbers it was finished in 2012.

The show had been an important date for generations of Peterborians and was often honored by royal visitors, including the Queen.

  Hundreds have come to the funeral of Roy Bird MBE in Peterborough Cathedral

Hundreds of Peterborough Cathedral turned out for the funeral of Roy Vogel MBE

The Shire Horse Society also used it to hold its show in the exhibition grounds This is now East England A Rena and Events Center

Roy was the longest serving member of the Burghley Horse Trials, 50 years after an invitation from Lord Exeter, and was presented with a plate of Burghley House by Princess Anne.

Roy knew most of the royal family, including the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Mother, and Princess Anne, and was invited to Kensington Palace for the 100th birthday of Princess Alice, the Duchess of Gloucester.

Born in the city of Fenland in 1926 in March, the former quartermaster Sergeant, who had been in the army for six years and was based in Minden, had a varied and successful life.

Awarded an MBE in 1969, he was also chair of the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society.

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