Photo of Wunderflucht serves as a warning to drivers to drink

A suspected drink driver had a miraculous escape after poking his car into a roadside barrier through the windshield of his car and through the car Side window led out.

The male motorist left the wreck without a scratch after entering the metal barrier on the side of the A4146 near Linslade, Bedfordshire.

He was given a positive breath after the accident that happened shortly after 3:24 on Friday.

Dramatic images depict the front of the vehicle, presumably a Land Rover Discovery crushed by the impact, with the metal barrier trapped in the vehicle.

The police have published the photo of the episodes at the national level as a warning to anyone who is thinking about drinks driving!

The officer who took the picture tweeted, "Lucky is an understatement, fortunately only this vehicle was involved and it contained only the driver (who came out uninjured)."

A man became alcohol after the incident charged at the wheel.

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