Peterborough's husband was arrested after being too drunk to find home, the court said

A Peterborough man celebrating his friend's birthday at Skegness could not find his way to the hotel where they lived and Arrested After Police

Yusuf Said, 35, of Scotney Street, New England, Peterborough, admitted to being drunk and messy when he appeared in front of the judges in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Procurator Jim Clare said officials were called to a house on Hoylake Drive at 3 am on December 3, after a man knocked on a front door.

"They still found Said in the garden," he said. "He was drunk, screaming and swearing and getting aggressive when they told him to move on."

Said told the judges that it was a partner's birthday.

"I've never been to Skegness." he said. "I had drunk too much and could not find the way back to the hotel.

After hearing that he had no income and lived off the £ 50 a week his mother gave him, he was given a conditional 12- Monthly dismissal and was ordered to pay £ 105 in costs and fees.

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