Peterborough couple ordered to repay more than £ 150,000 after fraud conviction

A Peterborough couple was ordered to repay more than £ 150,000 after cheating on an elderly woman out of thousands of pounds.

Neil Riley, 53, and his wife Kim Riley, 54, both from Crowson Crescent, Peterborough, were sentenced to pay back approximately £ 157,000 following a POCA convocation hearing at Peterborough Crown Court.

The couple was convicted of fraud in May 2017. Over a period of three years, the couple fraudulently obtained more than £ 150,000 from a vulnerable and elderly victim.

Kim Riley pleaded guilty to abuse of office and detained her for 18 months; her husband confessed to fraud by misrepresentation and was detained for 28 months. The Rileys had been neighbors of her victim for 12 years and had contact with her and her deceased husband. In 2013, her victim, who was in her 80s, became ill, and Kim Riley was given authority and took charge of her affairs. When the victim died in August last year, her executors discovered that her nursing bills had not been paid for ten months and large sums of money had been transferred to Riley's account, totaling about £ 150,000.

After the original condemnation of 2017 DC Louise Mann, who was investigating, said: "The victim believed that the Riley's were her friend and put her in that position of trust because they felt comfortable being herself caring about their needs and interests. "The Rileys took advantage of them and betrayed this trust for their own financial gain. "This is a very sad case and I want to urge anyone who believes that a neighbor or a friend is the victim of a similar crime when he contacts the police."

Courts have also ordered other Cambridgeshire criminals to pay back

On Friday (January 12), a Cambridge woman was sentenced to pay £ 33,000 following a POCA hearing. In 2015, Rosina Ceaser, 59, was convicted of money laundering by Chatsworth Avenue after money was cheated by a victim about her bank account.

These are just two of a series of recently successful results achieved by ERSOU's Regional Economic Crime Unit (RECU).

In December, a man who ran a property management business and deprived clients of nearly £ 400,000 was asked to repay more than £ 389,000 following another successful investigation by the unit.

Mark Procter, 42, formerly with Barker Close, Hail Weston, St. Neots, was ordered to repay the money after being sentenced to three years and four months in prison for a series of fraud charges.

ERSOU RECU Detective Inspector Rob Turner said: "These recent proceeds from crime show how serious the courts are taking such crimes where offenders use others to illegally gain access to funds they do not own.

"Our unit has worked incredibly hard to ensure that such ill-gotten profits are rightly repaid, and I am very pleased with these recent results. That should send a strong message to others that crime never really pays off. "

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