In Monaco, the basketball also knows win – cuts in Europe

Leader of the Championship, the ‘Roca Team’ played this weekend the League champions, the 2nd European Cup Final Four. Decryption of a success.

Qui suis-je ? I prances in my championship lead, I invited myself in the last four of the League champions and my red and White Jersey sports the monegasque coat of arms. Simplistic appearance for anyone interested a little to the sport, this question for a champion is a trap. Because it is not football. In the shadow of the great players of Leonardo Jardim, another team of the Principality also realised a season canon. Pro A solid leader with five wins in advance on its dolphin hoisington, the AS Monaco basketball played this weekend in the Final Four of the champions League ( read the box below ).

If it doesn’t have the scent of the prestigious Euroleague, this new European Cup born last year of the conflict between the latter and the Federation International (Fiba) just to the happiness of Monaco. C is a Championship tr e int s e interesting for us with a flop of e big e e teams.» It also allows us to train us to l Arbitration europ e in. “Do not forget that we are still learning plant Olivier Basset. In 1989, the former winger, now assistant coach, arguing the Korac Cup with ASM. No doubt he imagined not at the time that the rock club should wait 27 years to reconnect with the European Cup.

Some say we are favourites but the Pro is a Championship tr e s hard and tr e s homog e don’t. And we n have the biggest budget or l history of some clubs

Oleksiy Yefimov

as her big sister football, redeemed in 2011 by Dmitry Rybolovlev, the AS Monaco Basket should its rebirth to a providential man who came East, Sergei Dyadechko. In 2012, Ukrainian businessman of 42 found refuge in the Principality after miraculously escaping an assassination attempt (26 bullet holes will be found in his Mercedes). The alleged sponsor, the former parliamentarian Oleksandr Shepelev, wanted him out because he was a key witness in the scandal affecting the Rodovid. Co-founded by Dyadechko, the Bank was the subject of a rescue plan for the State of Ukraine in 2009 and a part of the injected € 500 million is gone. Acting Director of the Bank, Shepelev is the prime suspect in this case of embezzlement.

In danger, Sergei Dyadechko so moved with his wife and children in Monaco, where he found the former pole vaulter Sergei Bubka, himself former President of Rodovid Bank. Just arrived in the Principality, the former rear of the University of sciences of Donetsk team provides information on local basketball. He sees in the AS Monaco, then in national 2 (the 4 e French division), an opportunity to indulge his passion for the orange ball and relive a rise similar to that of the missing BC Donetsk, club which he was patron and president, again from the 3 e division (2006) to the Championship of Ukraine (2012).

Not also stocked than Russian billionaire Rybolovlev, Dyadechko portfolio is enough to enable the DSO from the N2 to the elite in three years. The ‘Roca Team’ – in reference to the Monaco rock-, is now playing leading roles in Pro A under the command of the montenegrin coach Zvezdan Mitrovic. Beaten by the Asvel in the semi-finals last year, she is clearly the title this year. The monegasque team also marked the spirits by winning the two past Leaders Cup (2016 and 2017). A double novel since the mid-season tournament moved to Disneyland. some say we are favourites but the Pro is a Championship tr e s hard and tr e s homog e don’t.” And we n have the biggest budget or l some clubs history. “Our project is still young weights manager general of the club Oleksiy Yefimov.

everywhere o u l we’re going, we will hear we’re Moguls, billionaires. It can make paranoid. We sometimes go to think that the referees whistle against us

Olivier basset

troisieme budget of the Championship behind the Tony Parker Asvel (7.3 M€ for the 2016-2017 season) and Strasbourg (6.7 M€), AS Monaco (6,6 M€) strives to break the image that stuck with him since his rise in Pro A and which earned him the whistles and jeers at Chalon or Nanterre. A new rich taking advantage of the attractions of the Principality, including tax, to attract foreign players and turn off the competition. everywhere o u l we’re going, we will hear we’re Moguls, billionaires.” It can make paranoid. We sometimes go to think that the referees whistle against us says Olivier Basset. We got more money than 75 % of the clubs but our financial means are not exorbitant. if the football league did reject by the Council of State for wanting to spit AS Monaco FC to the renal pelvis in compensation for its tax advantages, the LNB, it, has almost three times the annual registration fees of the ASM basketball to calm the anger of his opponents.

our r e results are d first the result of a good strat e strategy of recruitment and d a good management insists Oleksiy Yefimov, whose work, beyond sports scores is to increase the attractiveness of a club who must deal with outdated infrastructure. In the image of his small room doctor Gaston, located under the Louis-II Stadium and recently renovated to wearily reach the 3,000 seats. In Monaco, Jamal Shuler or Zack Wright stars share their old lockers with young judokas and fencers in the sports complex belonging to the monegasque State. And they travel in economy class, to the chagrin of Bangaly Fofana and his 2.13 m. we’re far from the opulent NBA and the lifestyle of the big European teams.

we wish to attract new sponsors to increase our financial power e re. We are open to all types of partnership . 

Oleksiy Yefimov

President discreet but to which there is no escape – he attended most of the meetings at home and watch every game – at least twice, Sergei Dyadechko finance today 100% club. A situation brought to evolve. we wish to attract new sponsors to increase our financial power e d confirms Oleksiy Yefimov.» We are open to all types of partnership . 

for the club to cross a new stage and can s install in Euroleague for example, need new investors take over. ” “Because the owner will not be able to continue funding the club on his personal purse are added to the club. A victory in the champions League would help to attract even a little more light.

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is in the Canary Islands that Monaco will attempt to win the first edition of the Champions League (BCL) Basketball this weekend. In the semi-finals, the DSO will face Friday (18 h) the Turks of Bandırma Banvit, she has already met in the regular season (lost 65-79 in Turkey, victory 65-63 in the Principality). To counter the team of American point guard Jordan Theodore (16 points, 7.5 assists), Monaco on its impressive depth of bench. “We’re eleven interchangeable players and our level remains high during almost forty minutes.”. Facing us, teams can compete for much of the match but they often collapse in the end,”analyzes the veteran and Captain Amara Sy. If the ASM shows only one player in the top 15 of the best Pro A (Dee Bost, 13,62 pts) markers, the danger comes from everywhere (six players to more than 9.5 points per game). The other semifinal of the BCL object Tenerife to Venice. La finale aura lieu dimanche

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