In Egypt, Francis denounces “hypocrisy” religious Catholics

VIDEO – the Pope, for whom “extremism only admitted for believers is charity” delivered a message very demanding in Cairo to the Egyptian yet persecuted Catholic minority. He calls it more authenticity.

special envoy in Cairo

this is a task of human blood. It is indelible. She was thrown by the impact of a ball on one of the walls of marble of the Coptic Church in Cairo’s Al Boutrosiyya, December 11, 2016. It comes from the body of one of the sixty Christian victims – including 29 deaths – who were praying when a jihadist of ISIS, decided to remove them. “

” Cairo: a bombing at a Coptic Church left at least 23 dead

this sinister signature of an extreme killing became a powerful sign of peaceful resistance. It is protected by a glass plate. Just above are displayed photographs of the Orthodox Coptic Christian martyrs. Many of these young faces were radiating. This place has become a memorial prayer and peace. In silence, Francis concluded the first day, Friday, April 28, from his trip to Egypt. He is prayed and lit a candle. This light flickering but firm could symbolize his second big message of this Pope in the land of the Pharaohs. “”

“in Cairo, the Pope denounced” violence in the name of God “

 Francis was in the Church Al Boutrosiyya Cairo, target of a bombing on December 11, 2016, to meet the Pope Coptic Theodore II of Alexandria.

Francis was in the Al Boutrosiyya Cairo Church target of a bombing on December 11, 2016, to meet with the Coptic Pope Theodore II of Alexandria. photo credits:

the first message, Friday, April 28, was intended for the Muslim world. As never François hammered the impossibility to kill in the name of God by involving, in this refusal, the faithful of islam: “together, he told Sunni University al-Azhar, repeat one ‘no’ loud and clear to all forms of violence, vengeance and hatred committed in the name of religion or in the name of God.” Together, to affirm the incompatibility between violence and faith, between believing and hate.” “

” Christians in Egypt celebrate Coptic Christmas between concern and challenge

but his second message has been destined for Christians so that they reflect the liveliness of their faith without “responding to evil with evil.” He spoke in the first place, Friday evening April 28, to the Orthodox Copts particularly targeted by Islamists as has yet been demonstrated, on April 9, two attacks against Coptic churches with a heavy death toll of 46. “

‘ Egypt: EI claims two attacks on Coptic churches


they are officially 9% of a population of 92 million people in Egypt, but they dispute that figure. According to their records of baptism, they would be 15 million people, or 17% of the population. In any case, the Orthodox Copts make up the largest Christian minority in the Middle East. And it is one of the oldest Christian churches separated from Rome in the 5th century, since the Patriarchate of Alexandria was founded by St. mark, evangelist. “

” in Egypt, the Pope has an appointment with Sunni islam despite disagreements

on a symbolic level, Francis confirmed that the Catholic Church was deeply United them by what he calls “the ecumenism of blood.” : “Martyrs in this country, since the first centuries of Christianity, said Francis, lived faith heroically and all the way down, shedding their blood rather than deny the Lord and give in to illusions of evil or only to the temptation to respond to evil with evil. “Recently, unfortunately, the innocent blood of followers without defence was cruelly paid: their innocent blood unites us.” “

‘ Egypt: Sinai, the exodus of Christians hounded by the Islamic State

but Francis and the Orthodox Coptic Pope Tawardros II have also brought their two churches by signing an important legal agreement: for the first time in their history bimillennial, Orthodox Copts recognize Catholic baptism. Because there are also a minority of 200,000 Catholic Copts in Egypt, people.

Catholics, all rituals confused, the Pope Francis brought them together, Saturday morning, 29 April, in a stadium very protected from the Egyptian capital for a mass in the open air under high security. An opportunity for the Roman visitor – who chose not to console – send a message very demanding yet persecuted community. “

 Francis gave an open-air mass Saturday morning, in a very protected from Cairo Stadium, in front of thousands of followers.

Francis gave an open-air mass Saturday morning, in a very protected from Cairo Stadium, before thousands of faithful. photo credits:

‘True faith’

he recalled first of all that “God does appreciate the faith professed by the life, because extremism only admitted for believers is that of charity.” Any other form of extremism does not come from God and doesn’t like it!”. “

” Pope: “If I talk about Islamic violence, I must talk about Catholic violence”

then, he embarked on a diatribe against the religious hypocrisy: “this is worth not to fill the places of worship, if our hearts are emptied of the fear of God and of his presence. It’s not worth praying, if our prayer to God is not transformed into love of brother. A lot of devotion is not worth, if she is not driven by a lot of faith and a lot of charity. It’s not worth the appearance because God looks at the heart and soul and hates hypocrisy. For God it is better not to believe to be a true believer, a hypocrite!”

the Pope Francis then defined what he calls “true faith”: “the true faith is that which makes us more charitable, more merciful, more honest and more human; It is that which animates the hearts to love everyone for free, without distinction and without preferences; It is leading us to see in the other not an enemy to defeat, but a brother to love, serve and help. (…) The true faith is one that leads us to protect the rights of others, with the same force and the same enthusiasm with which we defend ours.” “”

“in Egypt, the Pope wants to reconnect with islam

” the great exodus of Christians in the Middle East

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