Generous donations to charities targeted by criminals over Christmas

Two of Peterborough's most popular charities have lagged behind thefts and burglaries. On Christmas Day, a sump was stolen at the reception of the Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice, while vandals broke into the charitable child relief organization Litte's Miracles Spinney Base on New Year's Eve, throwing paint around the grounds and stealing a lawnmower.

  Tracey Emerson, Emma Andres, Emily Sibthorpe with Oliver, Amelia and Imogen King at Little Miracles

Tracey Emerson, Emma Andres, Emily Sibthorpe with Oliver, Amelia and Imogen King Little Miracles

However, despite staffing at both relief organizations Being left devastated by the crimes, they have been overwhelmed with help from all over the city.

The theft at Thorpe Hall in Longthorpe took place when the hospice opened its doors so a family could pay their last respects to their newly deceased patient.

It is estimated that there were approximately 250 pounds in the collection box that would be used for vital medical care.

Hospice director Allison Mann said, "We know that we have a lot of support in the community, but to see the messages of support and assistance, especially in social media, and of people who actually join in the hospice to give us money

"Thorney Lakes Golf Club held an impromptu collection during a New Year's contest, a man promised to make a parachute jump, and we had a donation from a lady in New Zealand. You have the story on Facebook read and felt moved to support us.

A generous donation of £ 500 was also made by the Faizan e Madinah Mosque on Gladstone Street, which doubled the estimated sum of stolen persons.

Chairman of the Mosque Abdul Choudhuri said, "It was indeed very We were saddened and heartbroken when we learned that a heartless person had stolen money from a charity box at Sue Ryder Hospice during the Christmas season, an organization that provides terminally ill people – especially cancer patients – with excellent service – and most of all from the generous donations of the public.

"We at Faizan e Madinah had a similar experience a few weeks ago when the same person stole a charity box destined for the poor and needy people to help them with the burial costs of their loved ones Person still at liberty. "

The break-in at The Spinney in Hartwell Way, Westwood, is said to have occurred around 2:00 am on December 31st.

Michelle King, chief executive of Little Miracles – which provides care and support for children with disabilities and extra needs, as well as families of teenagers – said that they expected repairs to cost the charity a lot of money.

She said, "paint was thrown across the floor, a petrol lawnmower was stolen, and the shed was broken in. We had to close our yard to make sure the kids could play there safely."

"It's a big mess, and the equipment means a lot to us.

"We are still adding up the cost, but we do not expect it to be cheap."

Volunteer Emily Sibthorpe said, "Many people offered help and support, companies got in touch, and Queensgate helped us Law firm Taylor Rose also donated us a £ 5,000 donation after hearing what happened.

"Our Facebook page was flooded with help and support."

Taylor Rose is also the sponsor Little Miracles Winter Ball, scheduled for January 13.

Anyone with information about the theft from Thorpe Hall or the burglary in Little Miracles should call Cambridgeshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. More details about the ball E-mail or

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