Friends celebrate 292 years in the theater in Peterborough

Showbusiness can be a moody game, but for five members of the Peterborough Operatic and Dramatic Society (PODS), the theater has been part of their lives for at least half a century.

Friends Gill Warren, Pauline Iredale, Ged Jarrett, Marjorie Lumb, and Rondy Baldwin are all celebrating together for at least 50 years with PODS, together nearly 300 years of dedication to society!

Gill celebrates the longest service that marks 66 years since joining PODS in 1952 for the show, The Dancing Years. Gill was not only on stage, but also a choreographer and member of the committee, helping to organize group bookings for shows that she still has today.

All five members have previously been honorary chairmen of society and continue to play an active role in the life of PODS, attending social events, meetings and rehearsals.

Pauline Iredale, who has been in the Society for 52 years and came to Oklahoma in 1966, is the Society's Hospitality Representative, responsible for staffing tea and biscuits after vigorous dance rehearsals.

She says, "Being part of PODS for 50 years has had some of the best moments in my life, and the social side is great fun."

The Five Friends will also help Front of House PODS 'latest production of Dirty Rotten Rogues, the musical at The Key Theater from March 20 to 24

Robert Bristow, chairman of PODS and director of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels says: "We are so fortunate to have so many long standing members who are so valued and still playing such an active role in society today."

For tickets for Dirty Rotten Schund, call the cashier on 01733 207239 or visit

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