For residents of Cambridgeshire, an increase in the tax rate of 5% is proposed

An increase in council tax of five percent is proposed for residents of Cambridgeshire

Members of the General Purpose Committee of the Cambridgeshire County Council today ( Tuesday, January 23) proposed a rise of three percent, which would add to a 2 percent tax rate on social welfare for adults.

Even under the Social Assistance Act, the Council predicted a budget deficit of £ 4.3 million in 2018/19.

Council members will now vote on the proposal on 6 February. If approved, the increase will start in April.

Council Chairman Carl Steve Count said, "We currently receive £ 75 million less than an average London district and £ 13.7 million less than an average County Council." We are the third-lowest funded district council of the country. If the outdated and broken funding formula has since been rectified, or if the transitional funding has been adequately maintained, we would not need to consider raising the council tax in Cambridgeshire.

Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite is currently advising a council tax increase of £ 1 a month for residents, while Cambridgeshire's Fire and Rescue Service is consulting an increase in council tax of £ 2 a year

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