Flipping wonderful! Children and new Dean of Peterborough get stuck at pancake Olympiad Cathedral

A few weeks after starting his new job at Peterborough Cathedral, the city's new Dean got one of the most pleasurable (and tasty) benefits of his new role.

The Very Rev Chris Dalliston looked like he had a good time when the Cathedral held its Family Pancake Olympics on Shrove Tuesday.

The new dean of Peterborough needed nothing to do when he joined the adults and around 75 children at the event, and as befits a lighthearted event, there was a smile and a laugh from the "contestants".

There were three challenges in which each child runs a score card. The challenges were:

. Turn over a pancake as often as possible in 30 seconds

. To throw a Scottish pancake as far as possible

. Successfully Completing an Obstacle Course with a Frying Pan

The pancakes were donated by Beckets Tea Room – located in the Becket Chapel in the cathedral – and prizes were donated by the Metro Bank whose mascot came to try his hand at pancake turning ,

Some of the participants in the fun event came back in the afternoon to do Saxon crafts in the cathedral from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, which ends on Friday.

Alex Carton, the school, family and visiting officer of the cathedral who organized the event, said: "We were absolutely happy that so many children and their families could enjoy Shrove Tuesday at the Cathedral.

" Despite the cold weather, there was much laughter and many people looked around the cathedral when they were here. "

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