Emergency repairs on the Peterborough street lighting needed after 70mph

In Peterborough emergency repairs are carried out on street lights that were damaged yesterday (Thursday) in strong winds.

A series of lights, including some in Newark Road, were damaged as 70 mph winds blew through the city early Thursday morning.

There will be road closures so that work can be carried out safely – but the Peterborough City Council has not published a complete list of affected roads or repair sites. [19659003] The city council said there will be no complete road closures.

Andy Tatt, head of Peterborough Highway Services, a partnership between the Peterborough Municipality and Skanska, said, "Following the exceptionally strong winds in Britain yesterday morning (Thursday, January 18), damage to street lamps in Peterborough has been identified. [19659003] "Initial research has shown that this damage is due to the connection between the bracket and the lighting unit as part of a three-year program by Peterborough Highway Services to be installed on highways, roads and footpaths through the city.

"The health and safety of those using our roads is paramount to Peterborough Highway Services, and engineers are currently reviewing the overall situation in the city to protect the facilities involved.

" Because we need to make sure In order to do this as soon as possible, emergency closures are expected on some roads to allow full checks and repairs and we apologize for any inconvenience. "

James Holmes, Operations Manager at Skanska UK, said:" We have taken the necessary measures to protect and, as a precaution, route the damaged street lamps, to make a thorough assessment of the surrounding equipment.

"We apologize for any disruptions that may be caused in the meantime."

The winds caused chaos in Peterborough, with the LAMMA Agricultural Machinery Show in the East of England Arena due to health and safety concerns

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And a popular pony was killed by a fallen tree

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Peterborough smashed by 70mph winds

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