Demands more funding for the police after the rise of crime in Peterborough

Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya has demanded more money for the Cambridgeshire police after it became known that burglaries and other crimes have increased dramatically over the past year.

In the 12 months to the end of September, there were 917 house searches. This corresponds to an increase of 38.9 percent compared to the previous year, as 660 occurrences

In total, the police have registered the crimes in Peterborough The last 12 months

During this period, 22,570 offenses were registered, an increase of 23 percent over the previous period.

Ms. Onasanya said she wanted to see more policemen on the street. She said, "These worrying statistics show that cutting and not protecting those who protect us does not work."

"What will it take for this government to recognize the futility, the price of everything else, the value to know nothing?

"Public safety is the first duty of a responsible government." They can not continue to expect more for less when it comes to law enforcement.

"That's why Labor would try to recruit and pay our police to keep these much-needed officers."

Cambridgeshire Police and Criminal Commissioner Jason Ablewhite said there were plans to employ more officers Increase in municipal tax revenue

He said, "I am well aware that the number of crime cases has steadily increased over time And that worries me greatly.

"While it may be partly due to changes in the way crime is recorded, there is no doubt that there has been a real increase in certain areas.

"I am particularly worried about the increase in burglaries, as I know how burdensome this can be for the victims."

"I have talked extensively with senior officials about plans to fight domestic invasion and mine was assured that they both understand the reasons for the increases and have plans to tackle them.

"The proliferation of crime such as violent crime and domestic violence requires significant time to identify and assist the victims."

"The Chief Constable and I have worked together to find ways to increase police resources to these to cope with rising demand.

"One of the steps the Chief Constable has taken is to check on how local policing is organized.

" By simplifying the structure and reducing the number of higher ranks, we are now in a position to Recruit 50 new full officers.

"In addition, with my decision to raise the council tax by £ 12 a year, I can hire another 55 officers.

" These officers will focus on the most serious crime in the highest demand areas. "

" Me would like to assure people that the police are doing everything possible to disrupt criminal activity, bring to justice offenders and protect our communities.

Superintendent Andy Gipp of the Cambridgeshire police said there were a number of problems behind the rise – but he was "committed" to tackling the rise.

He said, "I remain protective The vulnerable absolutely obligated people in Peterborough and attack on crime

"Part of the increase in crime overall is due to improvements that have been made to the consistency of the procedures for recording crime and the victims' trust in law enforcement especially in relation to sexual offenses.

"We are open, ethical and transparent in our criminal investigation procedures and I want to make sure that it stays that way. As far as I know, this will have an overall impact on crime statistics, but I prefer this because the public does not report offenses.

"If we really want to understand why crime is increasing in terms of detection processes, we need to challenge ourselves in terms of the drivers of crime – problems like deprivation, unemployment, housing, access to and quality of education, just to some From ONS information, we know that our area is challenged from a national perspective in relation to these core issues.

"We have a strong working relationship in Peterborough with the Council and other partners through the leadership of Safer Peterborough Partnership , We will continue to work tirelessly to understand and combat the causes of crime by developing common plans and initiatives to resolve these issues that we can control and influence.

"Fighting burglaries is a priority for the police, and we acknowledge the huge impact this type of crime has had on the victims and we are working hard to bring the perpetrators to justice, a recent example being the nine-year prison sentence for Rihards Ozols over a series of local intrusions.

"In addition to this court ruling, Paul Priestley was charged with theft in four cases by a motor vehicle on Friday (February 2) for another 30 violations.

"If a crime is reported to us, we will pursue all feasible investigations, but we must focus our resources on prioritizing priorities such as domestic abuse and child protection."

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