Council to end the use of Travelodges for the homeless of Peterborough after buying new homes

Travelodges are no longer used for the homeless in Peterborough after the city council spent four million pounds on new property purchases. Council Housing User Sean Evans said the 29 new homes on Midland Road in West Town were taken over The use of Travelodges for homeless families was uncovered by the Peterborough Telegraph in September 2016 when we revealed that this was a " In Homelessness, the council had forced the hotels to use temporary accommodation that left authority with a deficit of more than £ 1 million.

Since then, the council has begun to house 80 houses at St. Michael's Gate in To use Parnwell for the homeless – after renting the properties by the housing company Stef & Philips in a controversial business – and 53 apartments at Elizabeth Court in the Municipal Park Department [19659003] It also uses 75 hostel rooms. [19659003] Mr Evans told the Council's Cabinet meeting today (Monday, 15 January): "I am relatively confident that we will be able to do so will minimize the current bed and breakfasts use to zero.

"And together with preventive measures, people are prevented from even having to have temporary accommodation."

He added that four new employees in his department have recently begun to prevent households becoming homeless at all.

The properties on Midland Road are rented by the housing corporation Cross Keys Homes, the first apartment is to be handed over in July.

Cabinet Member for Communities, Irene Walsh, said: "I think we can do it. We need to do it now."

"The problem is serious and across the country."

During the year 2016/17, the Council estimates an increase of 43 percent homelessness presentations.

Around 350 households are currently being housed in shelters.

The Council predicts that increasing housing use will cost an additional £ 5.7 million per year by 2020/21.

Minister of Resources David Seaton referred to the Council's announcement in November that he is converting an empty building on Bretton Court into a block of at least 40 homes to reduce homelessness as well.

He said, "We have Already taking steps to provide better housing for people with homelessness. "

On the Midland Road He added," This is a really good step forward. "[19659003] Cabinet Advisor Cllr Steve Allen said, "What we do is top notch."

The council's chairman, John Holdich, said: "This report is considerable investment from this council on homelessness and affordable housing that will benefit us in the future will come.

"The rate (of homelessness) is already falling and that is largely due to Sean and his team."

Cllr Holdi ch also drew attention to nearly 200 affordable homes in Newark Road and the old John Mansfield School, funded by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.


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