CCS launches Metnet 12Gbps 60GHz mmWave system

Metnet 12Gbps entry and backhaul in 60GHz band, utilises 3D SON™ interference administration and SDN Mesh networking structure

Operating within the unlicensed mmWave spectrum band from 57GHz to 71GHz, the brand new 12Gbps multipoint Metnet system is optimised for efficiency right this moment, whereas offering an improve path to a lot greater multi-gigabit capability. Metnet 3D SON™ delivers capability optimisation, automated interference avoidance and low latency, utilizing distributed management of time, frequency, and house switching to handle co-ordination and co-existence with different unlicensed 60GHz methods. Implemented with high-capacity phased array beam steered transceivers, Metnet 12Gbps nodes present a large 300° discipline of view connecting autonomously to kind versatile MPtMP (mesh) self-organising, self-healing networks that dynamically reconfigure to optimise efficiency and spectral effectivity as atmosphere or visitors ranges change. Applications embrace small cell backhaul, FWA, enterprise networks, WiFi backhaul, fibre or G-Fast extension, and CCTV backhaul.

Metnet’s discreet single unit kind issue allows radios to be deployed at road stage in 15 minutes, without having for detailed radio planning or guide alignment. The CCS Metnet 12Gbps unlicensed 60GHz mmWave system facilitates deployment in a versatile, natural method, permitting clients to seamlessly evolve their networks over time. Dedicated, long-range Metnet CPEs may also be integrated into the mesh to help excessive capability and low-cost FWA subscriber connections.

Commenting on the launch, CCS CEO Steve Greaves stated: “This is the first product release within our new Software-Defined Network architecture, and part of our evolutionary roadmap towards 5G next-generation radio. With this new product, we’re leveraging the low cost base of commercial, off-the-shelf component technology and combining it with our unique Metnet self-organising mesh architecture, to deliver a vastly superior solution that guarantees end-to-end capacity, low latency and quality of service, and resolves QOS issues associated with previous generation unlicensed alternatives.” He added: “Metnet’s coordinated, 3D SON™ interference-aware technology and ability to organically scale makes it an ideal solution for new entrants looking to take advantage of the exciting unlicensed 60GHz and 3.5GHz shared spectrum opportunity. For existing mobile operators, Metnet 12Gbps provides a robust and future-proof platform for network densification via small cells as well as backhaul and access applications. The new Metnet SDN 3D SON product portfolio will rapidly evolve, bringing many new frequency bands and ultimately massive capacity to power the wide scale roll-out of 5G at reasonable cost.”

CCS shall be showcasing its new Metnet 12Gbps 60GHz mmWave entry and backhaul resolution at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (26th February – 1stMarch 2018). To prepare a media briefing, assembly, or on-stand demo, please contact us:

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