Cat without a tail needs a loving home

The RSPCA has asked for help to bring back a cat with a flower-eared ear and no tail.

Eight-year-old Barney came into the care of the RSPCA's Cambridgeshire Mid East Branch, in March and Huntingdon, in June, but has yet to find a new home.

He has a damaged "cauliflower" ear possibly as a result of fighting or being attacked, and then he unfortunately bit the end of his own tail and had to amputate him.

But with veterinary treatment, he is well cured and is now looking for his "paw-fect" house. Val Fountain, recruitment officer for the branch, said, "Despite what Barney went through, he has been through everything very well and is now ready to move to a new home, unfortunately struggling and needing to live in the cattery He would be most fit to be the only pet in his new home, and he wants someone to spend a good part of the day there.He could live with older, middle-aged children as soon as he finds himself in his new home At home, he will like to have access to a garden. "

Call RSPCA on 01487 824501 for more information.

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