Cambridgeshire police appeals for witnesses after mother and children have been injected by the motorist driving through a 20-foot puddle

The police in Cambridgeshire appeals to witnesses after a mother and her two small children have been spattered by a negligent driver.

Parents pushed one of their children in St. Ives, near Huntingdon, into a stroller three of them, an act described as "unbelievable".

A police spokesman said, "On Thursday, January 4, around noon, a mother with her two children, one in the stroller and the other beside her, was crossing Pig Lane and Greengarth in St. Ives.

"Due to the bad weather, a very large puddle had built up due to a clogged runoff near the intersection, which was halfway up the road.

"It was not rain and the puddle, which was about 20 meters long, could easily be seen by motorists.

" Incredibly a car driver drove through the puddle and allowed the water to soak through the three.

"The driver could well have waited to drive around the puddle or drive through very slowly so that no water splashes on the footpath."

Under Section 3 of the 1988 Road Traffic Act, it is illegal to say "without adequate consideration for other persons" The offense can lead to a maximum fine of £ 5,000 if the driver's behavior on the road "is a clear act of incompetence, egoism, impatience."

The offense can lead to a maximum fine of £ 5,000 or aggressiveness ".

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