AI ‘scientist’ finds that toothpaste ingredient may help fight drug-resistant malaria


An ingredient generally present in toothpaste may very well be employed as an anti-malarial drug towards strains of malaria parasite that have grown proof against one of many currently-used medication. This discovery, led by researchers on the University of Cambridge, was aided by Eve, an artificially-intelligent ‘robot scientist’.

Drug-resistant malaria is changing into an more and more important menace in Africa and south-east Asia, and our drugs chest of efficient therapies is slowly depleting
– Steve Oliver

When a mosquito contaminated with malaria parasites bites somebody, it transfers the parasites into their bloodstream by way of its saliva. These parasites work their means into the liver, the place they mature and reproduce. After a couple of days, the parasites depart the liver and hijack crimson blood cells, the place they proceed to multiply, spreading across the physique and inflicting signs, together with doubtlessly life-threatening issues.

Malaria kills over half one million individuals every year, predominantly in Africa and south-east Asia. While a variety of medicines are used to deal with the illness, malaria parasites are rising more and more resistant to those medication, elevating the spectre of untreatable malaria sooner or later.

Now, in a research revealed within the journal Scientific Reports, a crew of researchers employed the Robot Scientist ‘Eve’ in a high-throughput display and found that triclosan, an ingredient discovered in lots of toothpastes, may help the fight towards drug-resistance.

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The University of Cambridge is acknowledged as one of many world’s main greater training and analysis establishments. The University was instrumental within the formation of the Cambridge Network and its Vice- Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, can be the President of the Cambridge Network.

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