Admission 2018 Half Marathon – Peterborough Telegraph

Residents who have taken a new year's resolution to get fit by 2018 can sign up for the Perkins Great Eastern Run.

While the race is still 10 months away, the entries for the annual Half Marathon have now been released along with the Anna's Hope Fun Run for this year's race.

Both events will take place on Sunday, October 14, starting in Peterborough Embankment

The half marathon is considered one of the fastest in the country due to the flat course through Peterborough.

The Anna's Hope Fun Run, which has seen entries from various eras in the past, (19659006) Over the past few years, free trainings have been organized for the participating runners and pacemakers who aimed at a range of abilities, were used to help the athletes at home in their ideal time. [19659006] For more details and how to enter, visit

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