A man who attacked his girlfriend in Peterborough after he was in possession of class A drugs is imprisoned

A man who assaulted his girlfriend – before he was in possession of hundreds of pounds of Class A drugs – was jailed.

Miakls Praskevics (19) of St. Pauls Road, Peterborough, pushed his former partner into the (19659003) He appeared today (Thursday) in front of the Crown Court in Peterborough, where he acknowledges a personal injury attributable to assault.

The court was also informed that he had previously been arrested in possession of a large prison number of drugs, including heroin and crack cocaine.

Judge Sean Enright sentenced him to a total of 46 weeks in prison.

Nicola Devas, prosecution, told the court that the attack took place in January.

She said, "The defendant and his former girlfriend have been in a relationship for more than two years." He had been offensive to her, but she had never told the police.

"On the day in question, they were outside, and he had turned to her, demanding to see her phone, losing his temper because she was talking to another man on Facebook he did not want to talk to."

Mrs. Devas told the couple as she walked into the store, and while he was on the move, he nudged her to stumble and hit her face on the floor.

She lost half anterior tooth as a result of the incident.

Ms. Devas said Praskevics had been arrested in October in connection with other things when the police saw him in a car. She said, "Officers came up to him and he set off on foot, he was arrested just a few steps from the car and he was searched."

In the car, the police found 0.2 grams of cannabis worth about 10 pounds, a total of 19 packs of heroin, with a total value of about £ 190, and 60 wraps of crack cocaine, with a total value of about £ 600.

The court was told he had criminal records for stealing one Bicycle, robbery and drug possession.

Defending, Mark Shelley said, "He is a 19 year old man whose family lives in Peterborough." He came from Latvia to this country at the age of 11.

"He got into trouble at a young age – he clearly interfered with people with criminal disposition.

" The prison has a sobering effect on him – he wants to make a fresh start.

Praskevics, who appeared in court over a video connection, pleaded guilty to owning Class B drugs, two cases of Class A drug possession, assault, driving without insurance and (19659003) His former partner was present Court to hear the conviction – and when she was asked if she wanted a restraining order, she nodded.

She said that she is still mentally fighting result of the attack and said she felt "mentally and physically broken

The injunction was imposed "without time limit."

Praskevics was imprisoned for 26 weeks for the attack and 10 weeks for possession of Class A drugs, all of which were served c

He became also prohibited from driving for one year.

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