April, 2017


In Egypt, Francis denounces “hypocrisy” religious Catholics

VIDEO – the Pope, for whom “extremism only admitted for believers is charity” delivered a message very demanding in Cairo to the Egyptian yet persecuted Catholic minority. He calls it more authenticity. special envoy in Cairo this is a task of human blood. It is indelible. She was thrown by the impact of a ball on one of the walls of marble of the Coptic Church in Cairo’s Al Boutrosiyya, December 11, 2016. It comes from the body of one of the sixty Christian victims – including 29 deaths –Read More

Pope Francis said do not know Emmanuel Macron

after returning from Cairo, Francis commented international news reporters, including the French elections where it respects the freedom of”choice” while claiming to support Europe “in danger of dissolving. Asked about the two candidates, he said about Emmanuel Macron: ‘I don’t know who he is. ” sent special in Cairo, on the plane who brought him back Saturday night to Egypt Francis answered the questions of journalists, which dealt on presidential elections French and populism. The question asked was the following: ‘you talked, at the Al-Azhar University, ‘demagogic populism’. French CatholicsRead More

In Monaco, the basketball also knows win – cuts in Europe

Leader of the Championship, the ‘Roca Team’ played this weekend the League champions, the 2nd European Cup Final Four. Decryption of a success. Qui suis-je ? I prances in my championship lead, I invited myself in the last four of the League champions and my red and White Jersey sports the monegasque coat of arms. Simplistic appearance for anyone interested a little to the sport, this question for a champion is a trap. Because it is not football. In the shadow of the great players of Leonardo Jardim, another team ofRead More

The Damascus regime responsible of the latest chemical attack in Syria

VIDEO – according to a report from the french secret service, attack in the sarin gas attack against the rebel town of Khan company in Syria is the “signature” of Damascus. Jean-Marc Ayrault warned that the authors of these “atrocities” will have to “answer for their criminal acts.” French diplomacy had already announced April 19 that it “provide evidence” that Damascus was behind the attack at the April 4 sarin against the rebel town of Khan Company Northwest of Syria, which killed 87 people, including 31 children. It’s made whileRead More

The HPV vaccine: a french drama? 

Expert opinion – for the Pr Philippe Descamps, gynecologist-obstetrician, successive media crises that have stigmatized the anti-HPV vaccines have had catastrophic consequences in terms of coverage. It must be the misinformation. research work initiated in the 1980s helped to establish a causal link between certain human papillomavirus (also called HPV virus) and the cancer of the cervix which earned the Professor Harald Zur Hausen to receive the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008. This major scientific discovery has helped develop a vaccine protecting against major infections virus HPV in orderRead More

Far can go the LOU? -Top 14

7th of the Top 14 on a par with the French stage, Lyon has two days to create the surprise. In addition to a favorable schedule, the LOU seems weapon for the end of season. a timid start, which presaged the soft underbelly, see the descent. But between steady growth and tightening of the general level, the LOU is poised to invite themselves to the table of the great according to 3 consecutive wins. The Bayonne to warm up (52-7), the trip to Castres to create the exploit and maintainRead More

the first minutes are decisive

the chances of long-term survival increase significantly with the rapid response of a witness of the cardiac. in France, each year, 40,000 people are victims of cardiac arrest. “Thanks to the Paris register which covers Paris and its large Crown (75, 92, 93 and 94), we were able to calculate that the chances of survival at 30 days were close to 10% in 2016, compared with 6% five years earlier”, explains to the Figaro Pr Eloi Marijon, cardiologist and specialist in disorders of heart rhythm at the University Paris-Descartes. it’sRead More

And if not, what’s happening in the world?

The presidential election takes up a good part of the French news. Overview of information from elsewhere. • in Africa, first test on a large scale for a malaria vaccine the World Health Organization aims to vaccinate at least 360,000 African children against malaria by 2020, a first test for the most advanced vaccine but the limited effectiveness. This “pilot program”, announced on Monday, will be conducted at the Kenya, Ghana and Malawi, three countries that participated in previous tests on smaller scale of the ‘Mosquirix”(also known as RTS, S)Read More

“The duel that transforms the France”

review of press- in the aftermath of the first round of the presidential election, international media evoke the upcoming duel between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. seen from Germany – German media greet the result of Emmanuel Macron the former Minister of François Holland had become the favorite in Germany, since the revelation of the cases involving François Fillon. from our correspondent in Berlin “in Europe breathes.” Bild, the most read newspaper of Germany, is relieved. “The horror scenario of a run-off between Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc MélenchonRead More

Renault RS Vision 2027, F1 becomes transparent

motor SPORT – has what could look like the formula 1 in ten years? At the Shanghai show, Renault delivers his vision of the car of tomorrow. Renault, never the planets were so well aligned to reflect on the formula 1 of tomorrow and to project in 2027, i.e. when the french manufacturer will celebrate its 50 years of presence in the Queen of motor sport discipline. First of all, everyone shares the observation that F1 is a crisis manifesting itself by a decline of interest and loss of hearing,Read More