March, 2017


everything there is to know about the divorce between the United Kingdom and the EU

QUESTIONS and answers – less than ten months after the vote of the British for a divorce with the European Union, it’s done: the Brexit procedure will be initiated. A full course of questions. The Figaro made the point. – what does the term “Brexit”? this portmanteau became a way shortened and convenient to refer to the output of the United Kingdom to the European Union. It is a contraction of “Britain” and “exit”. – why the United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union? in 2013, acknowledging aRead More

Kevin Gameiro to the Figaro: “I don’t play for the recognition -” team of France

international, which evolves to Atletico Madrid, told the “Figaro” before returning to Spain with the Blues. “ interview with Madrid Rendez-vous is caught in the center of Madrid with Kevin Gameiro, on March 16, day of the announcement of Didier Deschamps. At the heart of a plush hotel in the Spanish capital bathed by a Herald Sun of spring, french international interrupts his lunch (on the menu, fish, asparagus and sparkling water) to answer the questions of the Figaro. In total relaxation. You find the Spain with the Blues forRead More

How to find the view through a

tooth computer graphics – this technique is risky but should still be able to improve. ‘we are implementing in the eye a tooth fragment that serves as support to a lens in Plexiglas, explains Professor Louis Hoffart, responsible of the service the Timone hospital ophthalmology, in Marseille. Such an extremely rare operation is done in patients of blindness in both eyes, often following a long journey before arriving to us.”  this incredible osteo-odonto-kerato-prosthesis then reconstructs the couple cornea-crystalline, able again to focus images on the retina of the patient, withRead More

“People are tired of hatred, they want the positive ‘

INTERVIEW – Jesse Klaver has managed in the legislative elections of March 15 to get his Green Party, GroenLinks, from 4 to 14 seats. And to limit at the same time the shock wave of populist Geert Wilders. by Véronique Kiesel, the evening in Brussels, Special Envoy to the Hague. This interview is published on the site of le Figaro in the LENA, Leading European Newspapers Alliance Exchange. it is in his office, in the historic buildings of the Tweede Kamer of the Dutch in the Hague Parliament receives us,Read More

Back on 60 years of building Europe

in Europe on Saturday, celebrates 60 years of the signing of the Treaty of Rome. Back on the multiple steps of European integration, from the end of the second world war to the Brexit. on March 25, 1957, the France, the Belgium, Luxembourg, the Germany, the Italy and the Netherlands met in the Palace of the Conservatives, in Rome, and created the European Economic Community (EEC). A founding act, which marked the beginning of the European adventure. Sixty years later, water has passed under the bridge of the old Continent.Read More

10 myths about sleep

the transition to daylight saving time disrupts no more agency through a time zone. More broadly, many received ideas and amount of popular phrases surround the sleep. But they are wrong. the Moon disrupts the nights often accused but never convicted by science… The full moon would have a negative influence on sleep and would result in a lot of sleepers shortened nights and a split sleep. But no scientific argument has come to support this hypothesis. In fact, this popular belief would be autopredictrice. “Here, it’s the full moon,Read More

The killer of London is a “soldier of ISIS”

VIDEO – the author of the attack, which has made four dead and 20 wounded on the bridge to Parliament and Westminster, was a British born in Sussex. twenty-four hours after the terrorist attack, claimed by ISIS, the identity of the assailant was revealed by Scotland Yard. The man who killed on Wednesday three bystanders behind the wheel of a 4 × 4 on Westminster Bridge, injured 20 people and stabbed to death a police officer responsible for the security of the Parliament would be called Khalid Masood . ButRead More

an “attack on democracy” on the front page of newspapers

press review – Britain, United States, Russia, Germany… Newspapers from around the world are this morning dedicated to the tragic events in London. Great Britain in one of the British newspapers, the attack is often presented as an “attack on democracy”, like Daily Mirror . The Daily Mail title on “the day when terror arrived at Westminster. The Times speaks of an “assault on Westminster. Westminster is in the British imagination the heart – sacred or reviled – politics and democracy in the country. A sanctuary violated for the firstRead More

The conflict between the Federation and the League to escalate seriously – Top 14

the confrontation is still up a notch between the League and the Federation, supported by Boudjellal and Altrad, presidents of Toulon and Montpellier. the war is declared between the Federation and the League. At the heart of this war for influence, the proposed merger between the Racing 92 and the French stage (aborted since Sunday) set fire to the powder. The NRL had decided to postpone matches Montpellier-Racing 92 and Castres-stage French dates which fell Wednesday afternoon . A decision that was immediately cancelled by the institution presided over byRead More

Milgram experience: the human being (still) prefer…

Because asked, 90% of participants in a study administered electric shocks (fictitious) to a third party. Results that confirm those obtained 50 years earlier by Stanley Milgram… there are more than half a century, a young researcher in social psychology at Yale University (United States), haunted by the atrocities of the Holocaust, had the idea of a completely new experience to try to understand the psychological mechanisms that led thousands of men to torture and kill millions more. Under the pretext of studying the effectiveness of punishment on learning, heRead More