£ 125k plan for Norwood Lane

Another plan to clean up the notorious Norwood Lane hotspot is proposed by the Peterborough City Council, which re-concealed CCTV cameras in use.

Despite previous action plans involving the use of security guards and cameras, the site at Paston Ridings continues to be overgrown with garbage that was not completely disposed of during a cleanup last Saturday.

An email from Adrian Chapman, a municipal councilor for communities and security, sent to MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya, says £ 125,000 in capital funding was allocated for the plan.

Currently, a proposal is to narrow the lane to a single lane and try to lower the shores on each side to achieve a single line of sight from one end to the other.

Among the other current proposals explore the use of open and covert CCTV surveillance and enhanced signage

A city council spokesman did not confirm the 125,000 pound mark, but said: "We are developing a delivery plan that has been around for a long time

"This incorporates a number of preventive solutions, but also focuses on law enforcement to deal with those who repeatedly come up with a tip."

Ms. Onasanya said: "With years of broken promises and the recent clean-up of garbage left over I will see to it that the proposed measures are being implemented as there is enough and the Council is now ready, willing and able to tackle this issue directly. Let's do it. "

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